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Whether you have never played the piano before and have always wanted to learn, or want to get your skills back in to swing, or are a competent or advanced player that needs guidance, Rob, our piano teacher is well qualified and equipped to help you.

From beginnerto advanced, learn pieces by the great composers from Baroque to 20th Century, or work on Contemporary Music.

We specialise in working from beginner into Preliminary to 8th Grade and into Diploma levels, especially through the AMEB Piano for Leisure syllabus where students choose from:

• classical - playing music by the great composers,

• or select from modern, great musical scores, movie themes, jazz, love songs and contemporary classics -playing songs by contemporary musicians, such as Elton John, Billy Joel, Burt Bacharach and others. CONTACT US


HSC Preparation

Get help with your choice of repertoire and polish your performance(s).

AMEB Exams

Exams can be a great personal goal. You can be assessed at all grade levels.

End-of-year Concerts

A fun way to end each year. Show family and friends how much you have improved. Click to book!


Strut your stuff for an adjudicator (and audience) and hone your performance skills.

Just for Fun

Relax, make time for yourself and enjoy learning new skills.