Con's  Music Drama


This is where it all begins. You will be introduced to the concepts of music, melody, rhythm and harmony, will be taught about the building blocks of music in a simple and clear way and helped to an understanding of the differences in sound and music and the relationship between chords and scales. Theory opens the door to improvisation and composition and will help you appreciate and better relate to what is ahead of you in the wider world of Music. CONTACT US


HSC Preparation

Get help with your choice of repertoire and polish your performance(s).

AMEB Exams

Exams can be a great personal goal. You can be assessed at all grade levels.

End-of-year Concerts

A fun way to end each year. Show family and friends how much you have improved. Click to book!


Strut your stuff for an adjudicator (and audience) and hone your performance skills.

Just for Fun

Relax, make time for yourself and enjoy learning new skills.